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What is Persian Electro Pop

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What is Persian Electro Pop
Persian electropop is a form of  Persian electropop music that is sung in Persian, this style of music is inspired by the American electropop style.
But it doesn’t have all the features of that style.
In early 2016 to 2019, this style was unofficially launched by Amir Tetlow Shahin Najafi
Sepehr Sepi officially released the first official song in Persian  electropop in 2021 with the release of single 2014.
Writing topics of that style include:
Imaginary Life
Horror Movies
Violent and mysterious is.

Persian electropop in 2016 was first sung by Shahin Najafi in an unofficial song
Then it was read informally by Amir Tetlow.
And in 2019, by OJ iran music group, several other unofficial songs were released
In March 2021, Sepehr Sepi officially played the song 2014 on digital music platforms, and Persian -based  Persian electropop music was organized by Sepehr Sepi.

What are the opinions of followers of Persian electropop style?

Sepehr Sepi, founder of  Persian Electropop Style, said in an audio podcast he published on his Telegram channel
From our point of view and our followers,  Persianelectropop style is not just a musical style, but also a lifestyle, we have a lot of good habits that all our followers and singers have to do.

Sepehr Sepi said that our favorite color is blue and black, and all our artists and followers should be dressed in black and blue. 
Sepehr Sepi said Persian electropop will be one of the biggest styles in the world in the future.
He said our readers and followers are asleep for days and are awake at night and have a keen interest in night and darkness and the moon

Who is Sepehr Sepi
Ali Samaei, also known as Sepehr Sepi, is an Iranian singer and musician who is born on March 31, 2004.
He is the founder of The Persian Electropop Style in Iran.
And the piano made the TV series The Frog

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